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Employee Benefits

Petrocelli Financial Services partners with clients to provide a strategy for attracting the best talent by creating highly competitive benefits packages which are in alignment with our clients’ goals. Because competition is so strong and organizations seek to attract the right individuals for their companies, it is important to define a strategy to both obtain and keep the best employees possible. Having a competitive executive benefits package could be the factor that separates you from other firms competing for talented individuals. We can partner with you in the areas of:

Plan Analysis and Development

We will evaluate your organization’s benefit plan needs, benchmarking against the industry norms. We will work closely with you to tailor a plan to your current business objectives and help you implement the changes with your staff.

Vendor Analysis & Selection

We analyze current vendors’ expenses and fees and evaluate competitive plan offerings.

Administrative Services

Petrocelli Financial Services will help you coordinate all aspects of your open enrollment period to help ensure a stress free and successful season. This includes facilitating employee communications, helping with benefit interpretation, and resolving other issues that may occur.

Regulatory Compliance Management

There are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans. Our professional team will help ensure that you are meeting your compliance obligations. We stay up to date, and will inform you of laws or regulations that may affect your employee benefit program. We provide ongoing review and monitoring of your plan, updating design and operational features as necessary.

Ongoing Performance Analysis

We will work with you to determine funding rates and budget projections and monitor how the plans are performing for your company. Our tools and resources enable you to analyze your claims experience and respond to, track, and manage losses as they occur.

We are happy to help you determine the best executive benefits plan to help maintain and retain the key people in your organization. Contact us today to see what Petrocelli Financial Services can do for your business.